The President of the United States is arguably the most powerful man in the world. The economic and military might of the United States is a primary factor, but it is also important to note the expansion of executive power in relation to the other branches of government. Today (perhaps regrettably), the President must be an expert on the topics of banking and finance, economics, leadership, war, business, trade, communications, public relations, international relations, the law, religion, society, cultures (both domestic and foreign), technology, psychology, and of course, politics. While the President is assisted by his Cabinet, advisers, and numerous staff, he cannot perform his duty with competence if he does not possess his own knowledge of the issues he must address.

Many Presidents gain relevant experience through their professional careers prior to entering politics. But acquiring firsthand experience is time-consuming and subject to many impediments, rendering it highly unlikely that a President can know what he needs to know based on experience alone. In order to fulfill his responsibilities, he must seek other methods of learning, and one of those primary methods should be through books.

The intent of the authors of this website is to read and review those books which we feel would be most helpful to a current or future President of the United States. Our hope is not necessarily that future Presidents will read this website and be influenced by it, although that would be great, but mostly we hope that the common man will read these books and therefore be better able to identify those politicians who will be best able to lead and govern the country. If we want an educated and able President, we must be educated and competent ourselves.

The Authors

Joshua Steimle. Since I was 15 I’ve been interested in politics, society, culture, economics, etc., but it was more of an mild interest back then. Around 2008 it became a bit more serious for me. The problem was that while I knew what I believed in general, I didn’t know details, and I couldn’t speak very well about what I believed. I started to read and study, and the more I read, the more interested I became. I got to the point where I was reading 2-3 books per week on all the topics you see listed on the right hand side under “categories”. But I didn’t feel like it was enough for me just to read these books and then move on. I was looking for a way to share the knowledge I was gaining with others, and that’s when the idea came to me to start this website.

I’m a Republican, but only because I think fixing the Republican party is an easier task than fixing the Democrat party. I lean libertarian in a lot, if not most, of my views. You could call me a conservative or a classical liberal and that’s fine, although not quite accurate. I’m a truth-seeker, but I don’t believe anyone but God has a monopoly on the truth, so I’ll take it from any source that’s handing it out. I’m hesitant to label myself as being anything, because every day I learn new things that change my mind.

I do have a life outside of being a political junkie, I swear. I own a small business, I skateboard, I do triathlons, I like listening to Radiohead, Dinosaur Jr., and the Meat Puppets, I speak Portuguese fluently, I volunteer in my community and am active in my church, have a wife and two kids, and there are even some people who regard me as a “friend”. Some of my friends are even ultra-left-marxist-commie-pinkos.

You can email me at josh@mwi.com.

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