1. John Adams by David McCullough

    Overview (from Amazon.com) In this powerful, epic biography, David McCullough unfolds the adventurous life journey of John Adams, the brilliant, fiercely independent, often irascible, always honest Yankee patriot who spared nothing in his zeal for the American Revolution; who rose … Continue reading

  2. The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan

    Overview (from Publisher’s Weekly) Pollan (The Botany of Desire) examines what he calls “our national eating disorder” (the Atkins craze, the precipitous rise in obesity) in this remarkably clearheaded book. It’s a fascinating journey up and down the food chain, … Continue reading

  3. Lean Solutions by James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones

    Overview (from Amazon.com) A massive disconnect exists between consumers and providers today. Consumers have a greater selection of higher quality goods to choose from and can obtain these items from a growing number of sources. Computers, cars, and even big-box … Continue reading

  4. Life by Keith Richards

    Overview (from Wikipedia) Life is a memoir by Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, written with the assistance of journalist James Fox. Published in October 2010, in hardback, audio and e-book formats, the book chronicles Richards’ love of music, charting influences … Continue reading

  5. Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It by Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson

    Overview (from Amazon.com) Imagine a workplace where employees can do whatever they want whenever they want, as long as the work gets done. No more pointless meetings, racing to get in at 9:00, or begging for permission to watch your … Continue reading

  6. 12: The Elements of Great Managing by Rodd Wagner and James K. Harter

    Overview (from Amazon.com) 12: The Elements of Great Managing is the long-awaited sequel to the 1999 runaway bestseller First, Break All the Rules. Grounded in Gallup’s 10 million employee and manager interviews spanning 114 countries, 12 follows great managers as … Continue reading

  7. Influencer: The Power to Change Anything by Kerry Patterson

    Overview (from Harvard Business Review) An influencer motivates others to change. An influencer replaces bad behaviors with powerful new skills. An influencer makes things happen. This is what it takes to be an influencer. Whether you’re a CEO, a parent, … Continue reading

  8. The Odyssey by Homer

    Overview (from Wikipedia) The Odyssey (Greek: Ὀδύσσεια, Odysseia) is one of two major ancient Greek epic poems attributed to Homer. It is, in part, a sequel to the Iliad, the other work traditionally ascribed to Homer. The poem is fundamental … Continue reading

  9. The Illiad by Homer

    Overview (from Wikipedia) The Iliad (sometimes referred to as the Song of Ilion or Song of Ilium) is an epic poem in dactylic hexameters, traditionally attributed to Homer. Set during the Trojan War, the ten-year siege of the city of … Continue reading

  10. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

    Overview (from Amazon.com) This is the REAL source of THE SECRET to Wealth! Published in 1937 and written during the depths of the Great Depression, this book contains the wisdom of 25 years of research into the mindset of the … Continue reading