Big Picture MBA by Peter Navarro

General Description (from
This course is designed to give listeners an overview of the MBA degree – one of the most valuable graduate degrees available.

The focus is on the major courses taught in the core curriculum at any one of the top 50 business schools in the United States.We begin with an overview of the MBA core curriculum then proceed systematically through each of the major courses taught at America’s top business schools – from accounting, finance, and marketing to economics, organizational behavior, and strategy.

The course concludes with two lectures that will help you select, apply to, and prepare for your business schools of choice. However, you don’t have to be a prospective student to benefit from this course. Any business executive wishing to further hone his or her management skills will find this course to be extremely valuable.

Why the President Should Read This Book
If you have an MBA or even some basic business experience, you would read this book and think “Yeah, I guess that’s a very high-level and summarized view of what someone who gets an MBA would learn. Not exactly enough to help you run a business, but a good overview of MBA course curriculum.” On the other hand, if you’re a politician who never went to business school and has never run a business, you might find it incredibly educational and eye-opening. I’m afraid many of our politicians need to be educated on the bare bones basics of business and economics, and this book does that job.